Sprint Buyback

About Sprint Buyback

The average American replaces his or her mobile phone every 16 months. That's millions of unused mobile phones that have outlived their purpose. Odds are that you have an unused mobile phone sitting around in a sock drawer or stacked away in a box right now.

But don't throw that old mobile phone in the trash -- electronics aren't environmentally friendly when they biodegrade and they even contain undesirable chemicals that could seep into landfills and pollute our environment! Instead, put your old mobile devices to better use.

The Sprint Buyback Program provides an incentive for eligible wireless devices. While all phones may not qualify for an incentive, remember you helped the environment by recycling.

Trade In Your Used Phone
lt couldn't be easier to participate in the Sprint Buyback program. Just three simple steps that take less than 3 minutes!

  1. Get an instant quote for your old phone online,
  2. Print out a prepaid shipping label online, and
  3. Send the phone to us!

Once we've received your phone, we'll process it and credit your account within three invoices. That's all there is to it!

How it works

The Sprint Buyback Program gives you two options when trading in your old phone.

  1. Receive an account credit for eligible devices.
  2. Recycle devices with Sprint Project Connect.

Feels good, right? Remember, your trade-in also helps to prevent wireless equipment from entering the waste stream and protects the environment. The Sprint Buyback Program is able to re-purpose nearly all of the millions of mobile devices that we receive each year. Unfortunately, some of those devices cannot be reused and must be recycled. The Sprint Buyback Program uses ISO SUU1 and 14UU1 certified recycle programs, ensuring the most environmentally conscious methods of electronic waste disposal possible.

Free Shipping and Postage
We take care of the postage! Once you have accepted the credit offered for your phone, simply print out the prepaid USPS shipping label and attach it to the outside of your package. All postage will be paid for by the Sprint Buyback Program. The Sprint Buyback Program offers new and existing Sprint subscribers an account credit for hundreds of eligible wireless devices.

No Additional Fees
There are no additional fees to participate in the Sprint Buyback program. Sprint provides a pre-paid shipping label.

Support Sprint Project Connect
You also have the option to recycle with Sprint Project Connect to help fund and promote free Internet safety resources for kids.